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颜色洁白:纸假如不白,就是原料不好、或水质欠佳,都算不上是好的纸。洁白无比的玉板宣便以檀木为原料,蜀 牋则「以浣花潭水造纸」,都是实例。若是染色的,也要精纯真白,才是本性佳之纸,但染色之纸不易传久,若希望作 品百年后能放在故宫博物院,还是防止运用的好。洁白不洁白用眼睛看就能明白,这也不需求我多言吧。

White color: If paper is not white, it is not good in raw materials or water quality. The white jade board Xuanbian uses sandalwood as raw material, and Shuxun uses raccoon pond water as paper making, which are examples. If it is dyed, it must be pure and white, which is the paper of good nature, but the paper of dyeing is not easy to pass on for a long time. If we hope that the works can be put in the Palace Museum in a hundred years, it is better to prevent the use of it. If you look with your eyes, you can see that it's not white. It doesn't need me to talk too much.
外表光涩适中:纸之外表有润滑和粗涩之分;润滑固易行笔,但若过滑而笔轻拂而过,便无笔力可言,若粗涩则与 之相反,易得笔力,但过涩则难于施笔,易损笔锋,所谓细而不涩也。这个可凭视觉与触觉分辨,就不多谈了。
Medium gloss and astringency: there are lubrication and roughness on the outside of paper; lubrication is solid and easy to use, but if the brush is too slippery and brush is lightly brushed, there will be no brushwork. If it is rough and astringent, it will be easy to get brushwork, but too astringent will be difficult to apply brushwork, so-called fine but not astringent. This can be distinguished by visual and tactile senses, so we won't talk much about it.
质地柔韧厚密:选择纸张的时分质地是重要的,质地不佳的纸既容易损笔,又不易保管,古今名纸,莫不以质量 见称,如澄心堂纸「密如玺」,玉板宣(柔韧、耐久)。纸质坚韧严密是的,选择时以目测就能够知晓。
Flexible and dense texture: It is most important to choose the time and texture of paper. Paper with poor texture is easy to damage pens and not easy to keep. Famous papers of ancient and modern times are known for their quality, such as Chengxintang Paper "as dense as seals" and Jade Board Xuan (flexible and durable). Hardness and tightness of paper is the best choice, which can be known by visual inspection.
吸墨适度:纸须能入墨,否则墨浮纸表,易于零落,不能久存。普通而言,宣纸类吸墨较强,牋纸则反之。吸墨太 强,若运笔稍慢,则点画俱成墨团。但若吸墨性太弱,墨不易入纸,亦非所宜。故择纸时要思索到书体及个人运笔速度 ,要以墨汁能入纸但不成「团」为佳,选购时若店家允许,仅管用墨去试,一试便知。
Moderate Ink Absorption: Paper must be able to enter ink, otherwise ink float paper sheet, easy to scatter, can not last forever. Generally speaking, Xuan paper absorbs ink more strongly than Rong paper. Ink absorption is too strong, if the pen is moved slowly, the dot painting will become ink mass. But if the ink absorption is too weak, the ink is not easy to enter the paper, nor is it appropriate. Therefore, when choosing paper, we should consider the speed of calligraphy and personal pen delivery. It is better that ink can be put into paper but not "group". When choosing paper, if the shop permits, we should only try it with ink.
据碑帖择纸:临摹碑帖,若请求形似神肖,不只要留意到笔,纸也是条件之一。择纸先辨其吸墨性,视真迹的入纸 水平而定,入纸多则选用强吸墨纸,反之便选较弱者。若无法窥知入墨实况,如石板所印者,亦可就其习俗辨之,矛头 显露,神彩奕奕者,多用牋纸类;温润委婉,风华内敛者,则可选用宣纸类。
According to the inscription paper selection: copying the inscription, if the request looks like a god, not only pay attention to the pen, paper is also one of the conditions. Selection of paper first distinguishes its ink absorption, depending on the true level of paper entry, paper entry mostly uses strong ink absorption paper, on the contrary, choose the weaker. If you can't get a glimpse of the real situation of ink, such as those printed on the slate, you can also distinguish their customs. Those who show their spearheads, who are brilliant in color, use more paper; those who are mild and euphemistic, and who are introverted in style, you can choose Xuan Paper.
依个性择纸:当然,个人的爱好也是该思索的,否则若买回不爱用的纸,只怕用都不想用了。另运笔急者,宜选强 吸墨纸,其墨方能入纸,行笔缓慢者,则可选弱吸墨纸,不然墨团呼之欲出,可不大妙啊。
Selecting paper according to one's personality: Of course, one's hobbies should also be considered. Otherwise, if you buy paper you don't like, you may not want to use it. Otherwise, those who are in urgent need should choose strong ink-absorbing paper, whose ink can only be put into paper, while those who are slow in writing can choose weak ink-absorbing paper, otherwise the ink group is ready to come out, which is not great.
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