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1. Oxygen dioxide is becoming more and more popular
With the current urban rhythm speeding up, busy with work and no time to cook, more people choose to eat out or take-out way to deal with the problem of eating, and more and more restaurants, and oxygen dioxide will become more prevalent in various cities.
Development Trend of Catering Industry
2. Brand strategy is becoming more and more important
依据相关数据显现,估计2018年餐饮业总体范围将到达 4.3 万亿,2020 年将打破 5 万亿大关。所以依照之前的运营形式,传统的小店靠着熟人关系只能勉强维持生意,相应也会有更多的小型餐馆会倒闭,而品牌化会顺应市场的开展需求变得更为盛行,毕竟品牌餐饮有愈加完备的效劳体系,给人们的就餐体验更好。关于入行想要加盟的小同伴来说,品牌餐饮加盟能够更好的躲避风险,比方萨门小町就是一家专做精致寿司的好品牌,选取优质的食材,完善的体系,遭到很多从业者的认可,在寿司市场一枝独秀。
According to the relevant data, it is estimated that the total range of catering industry will reach 4.3 trillion yuan in 2018 and break the 5 trillion mark in 2020. So according to the previous operation form, the traditional small stores can only barely maintain their business depending on the acquaintance relationship, correspondingly, more small restaurants will close down, and branding will become more prevalent in line with the needs of the market. After all, brand catering has a more complete service system and gives people a better dining experience. For those who want to join, the brand catering franchise can better avoid risks. For example, Samen Xiaoding is a good brand specializing in exquisite sushi. The selection of high-quality food materials and perfect system are recognized by many practitioners, and it excels in the sushi market.
3. The Rise of New Drinks
For quite a long time, the catering industry has been a strong eater and a weak drinker. But since last year, drinks have caught up. Various beverage brands with unique characteristics have been launched to reach the high end. In 2017, the number of drinks shops in China reached 440,000, which exceeded the number of hot pot shops. The boom of drinks comes from the change of lifestyle. From the consumption scenario, the consumption scenario of drinks is common. Whether it is shopping, catering, entertainment, office, there is the possibility of selling various kinds of ready-made drinks at different prices.
Development Trend of Catering Industry
4. Standardized supply chain
A strong supply chain is what a big brand must have. We can see that the broader the food supply chain stability, the greater the probability of large brands, such as chicken, fish, duck and other categories. Think about why crayfish is so hot that there is no strong brand? Because it is seasonal food, it can not guarantee the quality of supply in winter. The range of the front-end of catering, to a large extent, depends on the backstage supply chain support.
5. Takeaway Involvement
数据显现,从 2011 到 2017,外卖行业增长 13.7 倍,市场范围打破了2000亿元;外卖用户超 3 亿,将与淘宝用户相当。外卖成为餐饮企业必备的要素之一。资本涌入、科技创新、平台加持,让中国的外卖市场疾速而蓬勃开展,进入2018年,共享经济也影响了餐饮业。在长三角,共享厨房集中呈现,为外卖的开展又添了一把火。
Data show that from 2011 to 2017, the takeaway industry grew by 13.7 times, breaking the market by 200 billion yuan; takeaway users exceeded 300 million, which will be comparable to Taobao users. Takeout has become one of the essential elements of catering enterprises. Capital influx, technological innovation and platform support have enabled China's takeout market to develop rapidly and vigorously. In 2018, the shared economy has also affected the catering industry. In the Yangtze River Delta, shared kitchens are presented in a centralized way, which adds another fire to the development of takeout.
Development Trend of Catering Industry
6. Gradually Expanding Battlefield
According to a report, the disposable income of first-tier urban residents in China is 1 trillion yuan, while that of second-tier, third-tier and fourth-tier urban residents is about 8 trillion yuan. No matter from the point of view of population and total income, there is broad consumption space in the third and fourth-tier cities. Before, many big brands generally took the first and second-tier cities as their main battlefield and plowed deeply and carefully. Of course, the wage level of the third and fourth tier cities is not high. But as the younger generation grows up, the younger generation has a stronger willingness to consume than the older generation. So the third and fourth-tier cities will be the battlefield for new competition of major brands in the future, and become a golden mountain in the eyes of catering owners at the same time!
7. Young people are the future of catering consumption
2017 年,80、90、00 后总人口到达 5.5 亿,占全国总人口的近 40%,他们正在成为中国消费的中坚力气,也是餐饮消费的主力军。美团点评数据显现,20-39岁的消费者奉献了 84.4% 的餐饮消费,其中,90 后的餐饮消费大幅超越 80 后。
In 2017, after 80, 90 and 00, the total population reached 550 million, accounting for nearly 40% of the total population. They are becoming the backbone of Chinese consumption and the main force of catering consumption. According to the group's commentary data, consumers aged 20-39 have contributed 84.4% of their catering consumption. Among them, the catering consumption of the post-90s has surpassed that of the post-80s.
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