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The three-juice braised pot has broken Xiaofu's invention so that Chinese food can also be cooked through standardized quantitative operation to produce nutritious and delicious dishes. More importantly, it also has the characteristic of "replicability". This kind of "replicability" not only means that stores can replicate quickly, but also includes the replicability of operation process. Since all dishes have a set of standardized operation process, after the original information is completely unified, any person can operate according to quantitative and fixed norms. To be able to let customers themselves DIY.
Since then, although Chinese food has enjoyed worldwide fame for its delicious taste, it has been unable to get rid of the negative impression of low price and dirty food for a long time. In the final analysis, there are two main factors restricting the development of Chinese catering enterprises: one is the poor operating environment caused by the cooking process of Chinese food; the other is that the quality of dishes largely depends on the objective factor of chef. The inventive breakdown of pot Xiaofu three-juice stew pot makes "no smoke" and "no chef" become "no smoke". Possibility
Form simplification: standardization as the center, "100 years of delicious, stewed in a pot." This is the founder of Huang Geng's basic orientation and summary of the characteristics of Xiaofusan Juice Steaming Pot. Around the "baking" center, one thing Huang Geng has persevered and enjoyed for eight years is how to develop more simple Chinese dishes while insisting on the traditional nutritional delicacy.
Another grand innovation of the three-juice stew pot is to deal with the problem of over-reliance on chefs in traditional Chinese cooking. "If we can't change the whole industry, we'll change ourselves first." At the beginning of pot Xiaofu's three-juice steaming pot, pot Xiaofu first set the goal for me, that is, to deal with the problem of cooks. Ideally, it is undoubtedly a kind of restaurant without chefs, "a restaurant without chefs, which is the advantages and characteristics of the current pot Xiaofu three juice braised pot.
The method of making clear soup:
Three old hens (weighing about 6 kilograms), 5 kilograms of tubular bone and pork chops, 2 kilograms of beef tendon meat, a pair of front pork feet and 1 kilogram of chicken oil, respectively, were boiled in hot water and boiled over a medium heat for 10 hours.
Method of manufacture:
(1) Wash and peel the white radish, cut the carrot into 2 cm thick slices, cut the onion into shreds; stir the pork and fat fat meat into roses.
(2) Pot into salad oil, 50% hot onion shredded, ginger powder incense, into five-flower meat, fat meat fried out of the oil, into wine, oyster oil, abalone juice, monosodium glutamate, salt, ice sugar, sugar and clear soup, boil with white radish, carrot slices in small fire for about 2 hours to crisp and soft.
(3) Place the radish on a plate and pour it with the sauce and sprinkle with onions.
饮食为生命之本,必不可少,生意场上传播一句话:做什么都不如做餐饮生意。 说起餐饮,大家70年代吃温饱,80年代讲安康,90年代求质量,21世纪的今天,分歧选择营养和时髦——2012年,消费者口中称心度极高的餐饮,不是那些老掉牙的洋品牌,而是来自锅小福三汁焖锅加盟方式,三汁焖锅在闽南语中有“一口吃”之意,标明“三汁焖锅”身份。它方式新颖、卫生营养、自然随意、经济便利,让客人不只品味到美味三汁焖锅,更能领略新的就餐时髦,风行中国多年,是极富盛名的美食标志。
Food is the foundation of life, it is indispensable. In the business field, a word is spread: what to do is better than doing catering business. Speaking of food and clothing in the 1970s, health in the 1980s, quality in the 1990s, today in the 21st century, different choices of nutrition and fashion - in 2012, consumers are very satisfied with the food, not those old foreign brands, but from Xiaofu pot, three-juice steamed pot joining way, three-juice steamed pot in Minnan dialect. It has the meaning of "one bite to eat", indicating the identity of "three juices stew pot". It is novel, hygienic and nutritious, natural and casual, economic and convenient, so that guests can not only taste the delicious three-juice braised pot, but also appreciate the new fashionable dining, popular in China for many years, is a well-known food symbol.