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In the ideal life, more and more people are also using this way to stop self-regulation. As a result, people's dietary concepts have changed from full to better, thus promoting people's requests for food quality to improve from time to time. People take food as their heaven, and "eating" is endowed with a common cultural connotation, and "eating" is also an attitude towards life, and eating is also an art of life. Therefore, the catering culture highlighting fashion, personality and characteristics, and the complete separation of catering and culture, is the driving force for the healthy and rapid development of catering industry, and also the inevitable trend for the future development of catering industry in China.
Chinese people say: medicine is better than food. Foreigners say: Food is the best medicine. If there is a way that can take care of the body and dispel the disease after only dietary conditioning, everyone must want to try. As a matter of fact, this method has existed for a long time. This is our traditional method of diet and recuperation. It is generally believed that the most important role of food is nutrition. In fact, Chinese medicine has long recognized that food is not only nutritious, but also can cure diseases. As Zhang Xichun, a modern physician, once pointed out in the book "Medical Intension in Shenxi Lu", food "not only cures the disease, but also fills the hunger; not only fills the hunger, but also palatable, with the symptoms, the disease gradually recovers, that is, no symptoms, no other diseases".
Three-juice braised pot is the most healthy way to eat at present. Ancient cloud: fried vegetables are not as good as boiled vegetables, boiled vegetables are not as good as steamed vegetables, steamed vegetables are not as good as stewed vegetables, stewed vegetables are high nutrition and low fat. Baked, is a common practice, healthy eating. The nutrient loss rate of soft and greasy food is very low. Protein in food is lost by 8% to 15% in frying process, while it is relatively less by stewing and boiling. Secondly, the traditional Chinese culture pays attention to making up according to the time, eating different foods at different times to achieve their own health effects. As the saying goes, "spring, summer, autumn paste, winter tonic". Three-juice stew pot is based on seasonal characteristics of the launch of targeted conditioning dishes, in health, conditioning has a certain role.
Three-juice braised pot is traditionally originated from the famous dish of Imperial Diet in Qing Dynasty, spicy sauced fish. During the reign of Tongzhi, Huang Yujiu, the chief executive of the imperial dining room, accompanied him on a tour to the south. The emperor of Tongzhi tasted delicacies all over the country, especially "spicy sauce fish" and praised its "delicious, tender and long aftertaste". Huang Yujie sought secret recipes from the people. After returning to the palace, Huang boiled soup according to his secret recipe and stewed it in a casserole with excellent live fish. Its fragrance and lasting aftertaste made Huang a famous dish for all officials at the emperor's banquet at that time.
Three-juice steaming pot first pushes Xiaofu pot, three-juice steaming pot Xiaofu pot is Ankang health-preserving steaming pot, secret sauce. The soup is extracted with pure vegetable oil without animal fat, greasy, fire, mellow taste and delicate fragrance. Old techniques, new atmosphere, no water, stew to the end, natural delicious! Secondly, in addition to inheriting the characteristics of the stew pot, the sauce was further optimized on the original basis, and it was the first to launch a number of dishes. It could also customize the sauce according to the central characteristics to push the delicacy of the stew pot to a higher level, with all tastes, in order to suit the preferences of different tastes in various parts of China.
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