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  • 餐饮加盟店怎么改善当前不好的运营情况.
  • 创业选择加盟的原因是什么?为什么选择小焖锅?
  • 锅小福怎么样,绿色健康餐饮合作哪个好?


  1. 如何增加餐厅营业额?   1. How to increase restaurant turnover?   餐馆、客流和人均消费的客人直接确定营业额的水平,因此提高营业额需要改善餐厅客流和人均消费的客人从两个方面,加强服务人员销售技能的培训,建立奖励机制。   The level of turnover is directly determined by restaurants, customers and customers who consume per capita. Therefore, to improve the turnover, we need to improve the training of sales skills of service personnel and establish a reward mechanism from two aspects: customers who consume per
  • 让员工持续激情管理这些方式要使用好!更新时间:2019-07-30

    1、定期由经理停止说话 1. Stop talking regularly by the manager 关怀员工的生活、工作及心态,如今的员工曾经不是只看重钱的时分,也不是只需给饭吃就会干活的时分了,如今的新人薪资排第二位;是企业能给予他哪些生长?第三是休假;第四是业余活动如旅游等。 Care for the life, work and mentality of employees, today's employees used to not only pay attention to the time of money, but also to work just by giving meals. Nowadays, the salary of new employees ranks second. Firstly, what kind of growth can enterprises give him?
  • 餐饮经营管理离不开这些管理理念!更新时间:2019-07-24

    1、首先要抓好餐饮经营的关键——正确的市场定位 1. First of all, we should grasp the key of catering management-correct market positioning 影响一个餐饮企业经营成功和失败的因素固然有很多,但其中关键的因素就是市场定位。餐饮的市场定位必须从本餐饮场所所处的地理位置、经营环境、消费群体出发,在进行广泛市场调查分析的基础上,根据市场、消费者的需求和竞争对手的特点、优势、长处进行广泛市场调查分析的基础上,根据市场、消费的需求和竞争对手的特点、优势、长处等综合考察,做出符合本企业可行的定位,做到企业产品、服务的定位和消费者的要求相吻合,几个定位和消费水平基本一
  • 互联网外卖的发展给餐饮行业带来哪些趋势?更新时间:2019-07-11

    1、商圈内餐饮品类发作变化 1. Changes in Catering Categories in Business Circles 外卖的兴起,便当了人们的日常饮食,使消费者到店率降低,特别是传统快餐店及小餐馆遭到的影响更为显著,进店客流量明显降低。 With the rise of takeaway, people's daily diet has become more convenient, which reduces the rate of customers to the store. Especially, the impact of traditional fast food restaurants and small restaurants is more significant, and the flow of customers into the store is significantly reduced. 在这样的环境下,
  • 锅小福三汁小焖锅开加盟店面的经营“核心”更新时间:2019-07-05

    开焖锅加盟店,但是,很多的投资缺乏必要的经历,经常苦于不能扩展运营而取得更大的利润。今天就针对这个问题,来引见一些运营技巧,希望可以协助您胜利盈利。 Oven franchise stores, however, a lot of investment lacks the necessary experience, often suffering from the inability to expand operations and achieve greater profits. Today, in view of this problem, I would like to introduce some operational skills, hoping to help you win profits. 焖锅加盟店在扩展到一定范围时,经过店面组织设立相应的机构,用来招聘人员,实行分工担任。假如
  • 锅小福三汁小焖锅一直奔跑在为客户提供健康的路上!更新时间:2019-06-28

    针对这些问题,我们逐个理解了答案,锅小福三汁小焖锅把能想到的问题都想到了,大水平接近顾客的请求,很多细节经过线上和线下客人的反应,再经过长期的研讨和改良才处理的。目前,产品的顾客称心率到达90%以上,剩下的10%我们还在努力改良中。” To solve these problems, we understand the answers one by one. Xiaofu Sanju Xiaobao thinks of all the problems that can be imagined, approaching the customer's request at the highest level, many details are handled through the response of online and offline customers, and after long-term
  • 锅小福小焖锅如何让单品立于不败之地?更新时间:2019-06-19

    餐饮逐步细分化,食物的细分惹起消费者的细分。从细微到算不上一顿餐食的甜点、饮品,到十足重量的午餐晚餐品类,每一类都有一定的消费群体在支撑着。 Food and beverage are gradually subdivided, and the subdivision of food causes consumers to subdivide. From tiny desserts and drinks to full-weight lunches and dinners, each category is supported by a certain consumer group. 食物品种的增加,也让消费者的爱好更为突出:每个人关于本人的爱好更为注重,也开端去群众化、走“吃独食”的道路,故而小焖锅逐步盛行。 The increasing variety of food al