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锅小福 · 常见问题

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The pot Xiaofu three juice small stew pot is worth looking forward to its thick and simple sauce. The pot Xiaofu sauce, which combines vegetable sauce, Gravy Sauce and secret sauce, is used to prepare sauce meticulously and quantitatively.
Pot Xiaofu Food: Pot Xiaofu is not omnipotent, but it is absolutely impossible not to eat pot Xiaofu.
Protein-rich, cellulose-rich ingredients, with the secret sauce, make the sauce more delicious, make the taste more full, so that consumers are completely satisfied, eager to try.
Thick and juicy sauce with pot Xiaofu fresh purchased ingredients, coupled with the traditional steaming techniques, so that ingredients return to the original delicacy, so that food sublimation into high achievement.
Sometimes when we get used to the "Man-Han Full-feast" food, we need to return to the tradition and simplicity. There is no need to add more decoration and description, simple ingredients, simple cooking methods, retain the original nutritional ingredients and fragrance of food.
Pot Xiaofu is not a "vase". In addition to the eye-catching image of Miao, the rich nutritional ingredients are also praised by consumers. Vegetables rich in cellulose; protein-rich shepherd's purse; pot-size Ford sauce cooked by mixing vegetable juice, gravy and sauce quantitatively; traditional stewing techniques fully preserve the nutrients of the ingredients; streamline standardized meal-making processes; ultra-fast meal delivery speed, so that consumers who come to the restaurant to eat do not need to spend a long time. By tasting delicious food, it can be said that nutrition and services are at the full standard.
Like steaming, this cooking method can completely retain the nutrition and delicious taste of food, lock moisture and fragrance, so that a whole pot of delicious food can fully present the original fragrance of food.
Food and beverage should be fast and good, which is the aesthetics of dining, but it is hard to get both. But the aesthetics of diet also requires us to eat well, eat carefully, eat slowly and eat well. In order to satisfy consumers'rich nutritional pursuit, Guo Xiaofu shortens the waiting time of consumers and guarantees the efficiency of meals in a two-pronged way.
Nutrition and efficiency are not disappointed, food and aesthetics should be enjoyed! With unique cooking methods, special sauces, concise and standard operating procedures, Guo Xiaofu has brought aesthetic dining experience to consumers.
Let every meal be nutritious and healthy, which is the original intention of our pot Xiaofu, in order to make everyone love life more and have more strength to believe in their dreams.
This wish is very grand, so we choose to start from the meal, for everyone who has a dream, everyone who loves life and strives to improve their micro-life, can eat Xiaomei's delicious food carefully cooked.
Small stew pot, for each lonely struggler to provide a dining place, soft and lovely meow accompany you to eat is also helping you struggle, but also for each group of happy small groups to provide an atmosphere for each other to taste delicious food.
We specialize in providing you with pot Xiaofu three juice small steamed pot service. For more information, please visit our website: http://www.guoxiaofu.com. We will have more content waiting for you to see.