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锅小福 · 常见问题

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Shop Manager's Pre-meal Preparations
Check whether all the people, machines and things in the restaurant are working properly.
Understand whether there are large-scale activities in the surrounding business circles on that day and in the near future, discuss the promotion activities of our store, and strive for a higher degree of closure during the activities, and timely adjust the order quantity according to the activities.
Pay attention to the notices of water and power outages near left, do a good job in emergency response to emergencies, and reduce store losses to ultra-low.
Enter the post to help prepare meals, mobilize the enthusiasm of the workers in time, guide the bad mood and work normally.
检查各岗位设备能否正常运用,能否严厉依照产品 sop操作,质量有无问题,纠正不当操作习气。检查后厨各岗位备餐状况,备货量能否充足。开启店面背景音乐,检查线上外卖有无正常登录。
Check whether the equipment in each position can be used normally, whether it can be operated strictly according to the product sop, whether there are any quality problems, and correct improper operating habits. Check the status of food preparation for each post in the kitchen and whether the stock is sufficient. Open the store background music and check whether the online takeout is logged in properly.
检查前厅收银台酒水、饮料、零钱、发票、收据、 低值易耗品等能否备足,物料能否划一码放。
Check whether the drinks, drinks, change, invoices, receipts, low-value consumables, etc. at the front desk are available, and whether the materials can be put in one yard.
Pre-meal cleaning and hygiene must be well divided into hygienic compulsory areas, in order to restore the restaurant to its normal state in ultra-fast time. Check whether the hygiene of the dining area is qualified and the meal is stainless and damaged.
Cashier's Pre-meal Preparations
检查收银设备、网络及小票机能否能够正常 运用并开机。
Check whether cash register equipment, network and ticket machine can work properly and turn on.
登录收银软件、线上和团购,检查收银系统 日期与停业日期能否相符,如日期不对及时 通知店长更改。
Log in to the cash register software, online and group purchase, check whether the date of the cash register system is in accordance with the closing date, if the date is not changed by informing the shopkeeper in time.
清点备用金,储藏开市零钱,准备收银纸, 开启点餐灯箱。
Inventory the reserve money, store the opening change, prepare the cash register and open the light box.
清洁收银台面、收银设备,添加酒水、饮料, 跟后厨沟通理解当天估清菜品做好记载。
Clean the cash register counter, cash register equipment, add drinks and drinks, communicate with the kitchen and understand the dishes of the day and record them.
Pre-meal preparation of waiters
清洁餐区卫生:桌椅、空中、绿植、 卫生间及死角做到无渣滓、无油渍、 无水迹、无灰尘。
Clean dining area hygiene: tables and chairs, air, green plants, toilets and dead corners to achieve no residue, no oil stains, no water, no dust.
Weekly cleaning plan should be done according to the norms, and the cleanliness of stores should be done weekly according to the weekly cleaning plan.
Adhere to a good personal image, stand to welcome guests, with a smile, treat every diner sincerely, so that each diner feel the enthusiasm and quality service of the staff.
Assist the back-up kitchen to prepare materials for the day and display them well. If there are problems, timely response should be given to the store manager or store operator to deal with them in time so as to prevent more losses to the store.
Pre-meal preparation for back cooks
Receiving and inspecting food, according to various specifications, stop inspecting food, so that there are no quality and safety problems.
Complete all dishes selection, washing, cutting and matching, pickling, packing and displaying according to specifications.
Put the dishes, drinks and sauces in the dining area in time, so that they can be placed in their proper places and orderly.
在餐饮店面运营的餐前准备环节,每一位餐饮工作人员,都应该有高度的义务认识,在做好本职工作的同时, 保全大局,保证餐饮店面率的运营。
In the pre-meal preparation of catering store operation, every catering staff should have a high degree of obligation to understand, while doing their job well, to protect the overall situation and ensure the efficient operation of catering stores.
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