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锅小福 · 常见问题

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1. Changes in Catering Categories in Business Circles
With the rise of takeaway, people's daily diet has become more convenient, which reduces the rate of customers to the store. Especially, the impact of traditional fast food restaurants and small restaurants is more significant, and the flow of customers into the store is significantly reduced.
In such an environment, traditional fast food restaurants do not have a high demand for the choice of business circles. In such a business circle, they can not make full use of resources, and the rental price is high. As a result, fast food restaurants with high quality characteristics are presented with high unit price ratio.
2. Great changes in consumer habits
In the past, most of the diners pursued "fast", while those who always pursued "fast" tended to choose takeaway, so when consumers go out to consume, they often choose meals with better sense of quality and experience.
Such a change in consumption habits forces catering enterprises to follow the change. Today, catering enterprises need to shift the focus from "fast", that is, product standardization, to product taste. We should really use product quality to touch consumers, that is, we often talk about "return to quality".
3. Food and beverage industry enters a period of "slight profit"
Takeaway has added a display platform to restaurants, enabling consumers to easily access a large amount of information, and restaurant competition has begun to intensify. Many takeaway businesses have sacrificed their profits to win customers'favor. Over time, the profits of restaurants are getting lower and lower. The whole catering industry is also affected by this into a period of "slight profit".
At the same time, it also affects consumers'consumption concept. Many consumers will stop comparing the place they know and take-out when they eat in restaurants. Therefore, restaurants should create more added value in the dining environment, service and other aspects, in order to convince consumers.
4. The Change of Competitive Style in Restaurants
In the past, the competition between restaurants relied only on product taste, dining environment and service attitude. With the development of the Internet, a small number of catering enterprises realized the importance of brand packaging, and they began to inject online brand promotion and marketing.
Traditionally, the rise of takeaway makes people more aware of the importance of brand packaging, so online brand marketing is gradually becoming a competitive tool for restaurants.
Therefore, caterers should learn to pack their own brand today, and publicize the brand online to explore potential customers. Can design a deep advertisement for myself, can do some marketing activities through self-media, and can stop a series of interaction with customers through the emerging social platform.
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