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Food and beverage are gradually subdivided, and the subdivision of food causes consumers to subdivide. From tiny desserts and drinks to full-weight lunches and dinners, each category is supported by a certain consumer group.
The increasing variety of food also makes the consumer's hobbies more prominent: everyone pays more attention to their hobbies, but also begins to go mass and take the road of "eating alone", so the small steamed pot gradually prevails.
Small steamed pot, while focusing on insisting on the novel taste of food and health care, will highlight the personal interests of consumers: small steamed pot. The change in weight seems to be minimal, but it has secretly set off a big "bloody storm". Consumers no longer have to tangle and argue with their meal friends about which one to choose and which to eat. Instead, they can choose their own favorite foods independently, without wronging their own tastes and following other people's preferences.
This is the advantage of small stew pot, with "small" as the beauty, pay attention to the "small" group dining experience.
The popularity of small steamed pots also doubles peer pressure and blushes at each other. Pot Xiaofu as the first single pot in China, how can we hold the position without being involved in the rolling wheel of history?
Xiaofu three-juice small stew pot has its own secret book: ingeniously make three-juice sauce, mix vegetable juice, gravy and sauce in a common proportion, and distribute the taste of the three to the best state, without losing nutrients, but also create a rich taste. Three-sauce sauce is a mixture of novel ingredients. In each stewed meal, the sauce can wrap the ingredients intact, showing a sense of hierarchy.
This is also the secret book of Xiaofu Sanju Xiaobao. Each kind of food should control its own characteristics, improve product performance and invent a product form that more absorbs consumers.
Naturally good ingredients, secret recipe distribution good taste, ingenuity quality. Pot Xiaofu makes full use of the base material and condiments. The exact compatibility ratio makes the stewed food fast cooked without sticking to the pot. It is fragrant and soft. In addition, it has a common secret sauce rich in Chinese herbal ingredients. It is rich, bright and elastic, and has excellent color value and taste.
To meet the differentiated needs of investors, store opening is more sensitive. Compound experiential operation includes rich flavor condiments and connotative theme categories. It not only meets the diverse needs of vast investors, but also separates the central culture so that products can blend with local taste and catering feelings.
All-round operation, nanny service dominates the trend. Funny "four in one" operation management, to help investors to leave the difficult location, operation, implementation of the difficult single-handed period. After years of market theory, Huangpin Catering has formed a mature operation system of product standardization, management standardization and process simplification.